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Prepare Your Surfaces with Premier Paver Cleaning & Repairs

The only way to keep your walkways, driveways, and bricked areas looking beautiful, clean and safe for a lot longer is professional maintenance. As with most outdoor areas, all it takes is time and weather to start wearing down your cement, brick, or pavement the moment they’re exposed to the Florida sun.

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Be it moss, weeds, rain, or the occasional flying debris from a hurricane, each second that passes where you aren’t sealing and protecting your surfaces, you’re letting them breakdown and opening yourself up to replace them sooner rather than later.


SFL Paver Sealing & Cleaning Saves Your Surfaces

From pool decks to driveways to outdoor patios, we can clean and protect your hardscape areas by reinvigorating their look and keeping them from the natural elements.

Our cleaning offers the following features:

• Highly-effective efflorescence cleaning
• Environmentally-safe chemicals
• Revitalizes the original color of your surface
• Uniform color results
• Improves durability, reliability and longevity


Ask About: Dustless Sandblasting for Concrete Brick Pavers to Remove Sealer and Embedded Stains

This video highlights a process using both hot water power washing and dustless sandblasting. It’s a one of a kind process that can restore any driveway, sidewalk or hardscape surface.
When you want to ensure your hardscape areas remain pristine and welcoming, give us a call and we’ll ensure that your surface, no matter if it’s brick, natural stone, stamped concrete, retaining walls, or something else, we’ll make sure it looks great and stays healthy for years to come.

 Choose SFL Paver Sealing when you need proper cleaning and sealing of your property’s hard surface areas and we’ll ensure you get the best quality in town! Contact us today for more information and a FREE Consultation! Call (561) 220-0422  to speak to a representative today and we’ll be happy to provide you a fair, affordable quote.


We Offer Both Repairs & NEW Brick Paver Installations – Just Ask

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